Burn it Down- Love and loss.  'Nuff said

SHOOT- Columbine tragedy.  A controversial subject (now with Sandy Hook too ) and my attempt to put into perspective what these two idiots were thinking. This came from trying to explain to my daughter (then 6 yrs old) why people do such horrible things,what personality types to watch out for as she moves through her life, and what to do when the school becomes a shooting gallery.  If you think this glorifies what happened, you're wrong.  Learn from history or repeat it over and over.  If going out and shooting a bunch of people and commiting suicide sounds like a good idea to you, I suggest staying home and practicing your finishing move until you get it perfect, not that I condone such acts of cowardice. 

Believe- Dave Mustaine put it best..."Killing for religion, something I don't understand".  I like "Gods don't kill people, people with Gods kill people", in mass anyway. Not a believer in the G-word myself but hey, to each his own. Mankind will never be free until we stop forcing our beliefs on each other and practice tolerance for EVERYONE'S beliefs.

Nothing-  The hauntings and deaths at the Lemp mansion.  Waking up a ghost after doing youself in, and your dog too Charles? For shame.

Devil Knows My Name- The life,death, and damnation of Robert Johnson.  Sign here please.

Criminal Speed-  Driving my Mopar way too damn fast, fiction...fortunately, I did not get caught like in the song and it was only 130mph.