Many Thanks!

Many thanks to: Mom and Dad for everything...all my life. My AMAZING daughter (and part-time photographer) Madison, you impress me more each day. My new best ex Gina (for all the love and support for all those years) and her entire family (Love you guys).  Lassiter, dude you worked your ass off, you rock. Andrew Lauher for being my friend and Luthier all these years and creating the amazing "Jerry Robison" signature models that are just the best guitars, and re-working my old Les Paul into a true shred machine.  Jeff Lusby-Breault for being tireless, relentless, and always postive in pursuit of the perfect mix (sorry for all the slides my friend).  Vince Abeyta, dude...thanks ain't enough. Kim Maney, an inspiring friend who just wants to play guitar again, I know you will someday. Pat Pena for the melody help on Believe and encouraging me to sing (it's all your fault). The Mitiguys. The ENTIRE Rodriguez family. Brian and Stacy and the whole Hofacre clan. The Givens. The Middendorf family. The Erwin Family. The Eagle 103.7 and Steve Benning. Joe Adragna for amp help. Art Harsh, dude! Joe Bonamassa for answering all stupid the questions I had and being an overall tone inspiration. Queensryche and management for everything and lighting a fire under my butt (I would still play for you Geoff). Tony Abreau, you have been a great help, shred on! All my past guitar teachers, see I wasn't completely wasting your time. All my fellow Gore-ons, you know who you are. And of dog Blue, for chewing up all my stuff, dude, WTF?!?!

Album help: Matty D (Megadeth (13), and a TON more cool bands @Groovemaster Studios) for the mix input. Jason Livermore(Blastingroom studios, and TOO many great bands to name) for the amazing mastering job. Shan Dan Horan, you have many talents and my respect. CD Labs -PHX,AZ.

Gear from hell: Jim Wagner (WCR pickups) for the best pickups on the planet. Alan Phillips(Carol-Ann amps).  Marshall amps and cabs, RIP Jim.  Gibson Guitars and Basses.  Pablo Santana of Jackson guitars for the BEST Soloist ever, wow!  MikeShannon of Jackson guitars for my first gen Rhoads. Takamine acoustics. TonePros bridges and tailpieces (standard hardware on all my gear). Keeley electronics. Arizona Music Pro (and Lance) for all the gear and great service.